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Kid Time Children’s Museum is relocating to its long-term, beautiful new home at the historic Medford Carnegie Library building. We will reemerge as The Children’s Museum of Southern Oregon, welcoming visitors from the Rogue Valley and beyond.

The Children’s Museum of Southern Oregon is on the move!

Why is The Children’s Museum growing now?

We have outgrown our current space! We have been working to develop high-quality, functional spaces, both indoor and outdoor, that will feature a more cohesive layout and design, while allowing for potential for future expansion.

Our presence in the downtown core of Medford will put kids and families front and center in our city and our region.
We will provide a new kind of play in southern Oregon. We strive to create a place where parents can say "yes!" to exploration and inquisition, allowing children to feel empowered in their ability to engage in self-directed play.



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What is The Children’s Museum’s point of view and what are its unique qualities?

The Children’s Museum will prioritize its role as a children’s museum where the amazing qualities of our unique valley and region are front and center for kids and families. We will do that through:

•    Regionally-themed exhibits that children can explore actively
•    Exterior landscapes with naturalistic play
•    Loose parts and props that encourage interactivity
•    A blend of art, beauty, and whimsy
•    Community spaces for events that bring families together

What will The Children’s Museum look like and how will it feel to be there?

The overall organization encourages wandering, with no specific beginning or end to the experience.

•    Kids get a top down perspective on exhibits that use vertical spaces and encourage climbing
•    The museum will feel bright and airy, with an abundance of natural light, clean lines, and natural materials
•    Simple, subtle, modern graphics complement a blend of dense exhibit areas and open, flexible spaces for programming

What is the underlying philosophy and guiding framework for The Children's Museum?

The Reggio Emilia approach informs the design of our exhibits and programs:

•    Kids direct their own activities
•    Environments encourage experiential learning through play, exploration, communication, creative expression, and  

      relationship building

Proper brain development requires imaginative activity, or “free-play,” at all ages.
Kids who engage in free-play build a foundation for success in school and for their entire lives.