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Kid Time's Gone Bilingual!

As part of our continuing effort to meet Southern Oregon's unique needs Kid Time is excited to announce we've hired a Spanish-speaking educator! Her name is Norma and she not only assists with The Bus is Us program* but teaches programs and classes in both English and Spanish! Norma has a long history of working with families and in early learning so she's a great addition to the Kid Time family. You will find her teaching all of the classes listed on our program calendar labeled as bilingual. The classes are designed for kids who speak only Spanish, kids who speak both Spanish and English and kids who speak only English! It's been fun seeing how many Spanish-only and English-only speake

Reggio, Montessori, and Waldorf, Oh, My!

If you ask us about the early learning philosophy that guides us here at the Kid Time Children's Museum expect to hear at least one of us utter the words "Reggio Emilia". While the phrase may be foreign to you chances are you're already familiar with Reggio's cousins, Waldorf and Montessori, two other doctrines under which many a preschool has been run. We mention Reggio in this Kid Time blog because, even though the museum is a separate entity from The Learning Loft Preschool (which operates within the museum building), we let Reggio guide our practices in both; We operate under the idea that children are natural explorers, and that our role as teachers and parents is to help them explore

Financial Assistance for Kid Time and The Learning Loft Preschool

Because we believe all children should have access to high quality early learning programs and materials we do our best to make our facilities available to those who otherwise might be be able to afford them. That includes access to both the Kid Time Museum and The Learning Loft Preschool, an institution that falls under the Kid Time Children's Museum umbrella. Financial assistance is available for both however, the partnership between the museum and the school, and the fact that the school is located inside the museum, frequently cause confusion about what the different kinds of financial aid cover. While we offer scholarships to both the museum and the school, no single scholarship allo

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Kid Time is a nonprofit children’s museum and early learning center in the heart of downtown Medford.  Our focus is on kids 0 to 10 years old.  Our mission is to encourage all children to learn and grow through play.

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