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When you visit Kid time you see happy faces - lots and lots of smiling, laughing, fully-intent-on-playing, joyful faces. What you don't see is what might be going on behind the giddiness. Divorce, drug addiction, abuse, homelessness - all are very real to a good portion of the Kid Time population. But you wouldn't know that because the time that population spends with us is a break from the trauma that may be going on outside the museum's walls. We are so much more than a children's museum. We provide space to groups like The Rose Circle and WinterSpring to meet. We provide programs to OnTrack clients, who've never parented sober, to learn how to interact with their kids while clean. We

Why Communities Need a Children's Museum

If you've visited Kid Time - or any other children's museum, for that matter - you've witnessed the magic that flares to life when kids are given a safe, nurturing, exciting space to dream, discover, and develop. When that place is also carefully designed to teach, to introduce children to the world around them while also stimulating their creative process, the end result is a lasting impact not only on the child but the community the children's museum serves. The Association of Children's Museums (ACM) says: • Children’s museums help children develop essential foundational skills. In the past ten years, neuroscience has confirmed what the social sciences have long contended, that the first

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Kid Time is a nonprofit children’s museum and early learning center in the heart of downtown Medford.  Our focus is on kids 0 to 10 years old.  Our mission is to encourage all children to learn and grow through play.

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