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Helping Kids Handle Change

Last week we discussed ways to help ease your child into summer break. This week we go one step further and look at ways to help your child handle change of any kind. Even those of us who've been around for decades still struggle with change occasionally so, imagine how challenging it must be for children who're still learning to identify emotion, control their behavior and, self-regulate in general. Here, then, are a handful of ways you can support your wee one during periods of transition. 1. Talk about it ahead of time As with the end of the school year, you know some changes are coming. So talk with your child about what will happen and how things will be different afterwards. Bein

School's Out! Now What?

As adults, many of us reminisce wistfully about summer break. We remember the excitement of the last day of school, and the joy with which we imagined the seemingly endless days of sun and fun stretching out ahead of us. As we long for the freedom three months away from our regular routine could provide, we can forget that such a sizable upheaval can be challenging for our kids. In just over a week Rogue Valley students will be celebrating the end of yet another school year. So, here are a handful of ideas to help your wee ones smoothly transition into summer. 1. Stick to a schedule Change, even happy change, can be scary so maintaining a routine, even when traveling, can help mitigate a

Preschool Study Finds Benefits Can Last Generations

If you're aware of the benefits of early education chances are you've heard at least a portion of the findings of a landmark study conducted more than 50 years ago. The High/Scope Perry Preschool Project showed children who attend at least part-time preschool enjoy certain advantages later in life that fellow non-students do not. Now, new follow-up research shows those benefits may pass from one generation to the next. In the mid 1960s the High/Scope Perry Preschool Project sought to break the cycle of poverty and raise the IQ level among predominately African American children in Ypsilanti, Michigan by providing them with part-time preschool and weekly home visits. The study involved 128

The Sweet and Sad History of Mother's Day

If this past Sunday held true to form it was one of the busiest and most lucrative days of the year for U.S. flower shops and phone companies. Since 1914, Americans have dedicated the second Sunday in May to their mother. A few short years later greeting card companies saw the financial potential and joined the celebration. Today, Hallmark estimates we give 141 million Mother's Day cards every year. Ironically, it was that very commercialism that turned the woman who started Mother's Day against the holiday. Anna Marie Jarvis was 12 when she is said to have overheard her mom praying that one day a memorial day would be established to honor mothers for all their hard work. In the years

What Makes a Great Teacher

While my freshman year of high school is mostly a blur, memories of the hours spent in Mr. D's math class 30 years ago stay with me in vivid color. Mr. D didn't just teach math; He immersed himself in it, reveled in it, and found a way to infuse the subject with joy he then served to us. Over the years I've tried to deconstruct the effect Mr. D had on his students. I've had teachers who were good speakers, good thinkers, good instructors - but none with passion equal to his. When excited about an equation he would grab his colored chalk and let his frenzied scribbling lead him off the black board, on to the wall, and around the room. We delighted in his energy, his rule breaking, his pu

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