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Here is the full line up of our programs.  To keep things fresh, programs are rotated in and out of the calendar. All programs are FREE when you are in the museum!

Our programs are not only fun but THEY focus on the following: Art, Gross Motor Skills, STEAM Skills, Literacy, and Music.  Create your own full menu of well-balanced learning experiences!

School Kids Meditating
Gross Motor

Yoga Explorers

Calling all Adventurers! Come play, explore, and move in a co-created yoga journey with teacher Joelle (or JoJo). Each week we’ll use movement and imagination to travel the world. Through yoga postures we will climb over mountains, dive into the seas, meet animals and make friends. See you there! 


Adventures in Astronomy

Ever gaze up at the stars in awe? Ever wonder how astronomers explore and discover new things? Ever think to yourself, “I want to be an astronaut some day!”? That spark, that drive, that’s exactly what Teacher Kevin hopes to bring out in his program “Adventures in Astronomy”! Teacher Kevin has been an amateur astronomer for 22 years and is a veteran member of the Southern Oregon Skywatchers. Teacher Kevin will be bringing in his real telescope, showing you how it works, how real scientists use them to map the stars, and how science leads to ground breaking discoveries! The children of today will be the scientists of tomorrow!

Red Flamenco Dress
Gross Motor

Dancing Around The Globe

What better way to take a trip around the world than through the art of dance! Join Teacher Jill in this exciting new program that’ll display how different cultures use dance to express themselves!  Hear new music, try some dance moves, and have fun in Dancing Around The Globe!

art room 2.png

Icky Sticky Science

Time to get messy in Teacher Kristal’s Icky Sticky Science class! This program, held in our Art Room, will give families a chance to experiment with new sensory materials in a safe environment. Run your fingers through new substances and leave the mess here while you take home some smiles!

Little Niños Schoolhouse kicked off with

Little Niños Schoolhouse

Explore some introductory Spanish in this interactive bilingual class held in our K12 Schoolhouse exhibit upstairs. In this preschool-esque class, our teaching team will use story, song, and creativity to introduce Spanish phrases and vocabulary in a fun and engaging way!

Just a whole heap of adorable going on i
Literacy / Dramatic Arts

Sasha's Shakespearience

Calling all actors! Come join Teacher Sasha for some improv fun! Play theater games just like the pros do, and work those creative muscles while thinking on your feet with on-the-spot acting. No experience required!


Pirate Tales

Avast! Join the crew and hop aboard our pirate ship for an afternoon of stories of the high seas! In this interactive story time, The Captain will be telling tales that will bring your pirate play to life! Savvy? (No prior pirate experience required)

Art Room

Young artists use their hands and imagination to create something unique and wonderful!  This is an open-studio format in which children have the freedom to choose from a variety of projects.  They can choose to do one, or all of them.. Come explore and create!

Art & Music

Sound Painting

What does a loud noise look like? What color is an A Minor chord? Which brush would you use to paint allegro? All of these questions and more are to be explored in our new Sound Painting class! With our partnership with the Rogue Valley Manor, we’ll be having a live musician in the Art Room playing music, while our staff will provide all the materials, questions, and ideas, to get you painting sound! Join us for the artistic experience of a lifetime! All ages welcome.


Art History

Want to introduce your little ones to the wonderful world of fine art in an engaging way that is sure to keep them wanting more? Join Teacher Sasha as she brings the world of Art History to the Art Room! All ages are welcome and parent participation is heavily encouraged! Come get your art on! 

This class is currently off the calendar rotation.

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Office Hours

Meet with Michelle and her book of resources to find out what's available in the area to help support you in your parenting and caregiving!

Collaborative Art was so much fun! We cr

Collaborative Art

Come join Teacher Staci as we find inspiration from our surroundings, collaborate with friends, and create spontaneous works of art.  Team up with fellow artists and work together to make a unique expression of your joint creativity. Note: This class will be held in various locations, be sure to ask the front desk where it is being held on the day you come in!

toddler time.jpg
Gross Motor

Toddler Time

Join Teacher Norma for a morning of toddler exploration and fun! An engaging bilingual experience designed for children 0-3 years old, Toddler Time will give parents and caregivers the chance to meet other families, learn new skills, and allow their little one to explore the museum in a safe environment!

Gross Motor Skills

Brain Forest Challenge

Designed for the more daring little acrobats, this class will turn up the difficulty on the usual PE class offered at Kid Time! Balance, dexterity, and teamwork will all be tested in new and exciting ways! So, bring your freerunners, your junior parkour fans, and your little ninjas to Kid Time for some Brain forest Challenges!

This class is currently off the calendar rotation.

Gross Motor Skills

Ninja Academy

Calling all Ninjas!  We're starting up our ninja class and can’t wait for you to join! Learn the virtues of strength, honor, and agility as we scale walls, learn Ninja rolls, and skip across forest rocks!

Gross Motor Skills & Language

Bilingual PE

  A  time for our toddler friends to get experience participating in a group activity, following directions and being with peers. This class is a parent and child class that offers organized practice for little ones gross motor skills. Come join the fun and get your body moving! 

Gross Motor Skills


A  time for our toddler friends to get experience participating in a group activity, following directions and being with peers. This class is a parent and child class that offers organized practice for little ones' gross motor skills. Come join the fun and get your body moving! 

Gross Motor Skills

Super Hero Yoga

Have you ever asked yourself, “How does Superman stay so limber” or “How does Wonder Woman stay so focused”? The answer is simple: Super Hero Yoga! We are now proud to announce we have recently hired some super hero yoga experts who will teach you all of the moves that the pros use to keep their body and mind as sharp as Wolverine’s claws! Held in the Brainforest, this class will be sure to bring the superhero out of you!

Gross Motor Skills

Super Hero Training

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… your child? That’s right noble citizens, with Teacher Xane’s  Superhero Academy, you too, can learn how to be the greatest superhero of all time. All the basics will be covered: super strength, super flight, and super teamwork!  Your child will learn about his/her inner strength and be empowered by their own awesomeness! (Disclaimer: No Kryptonite allowed!)

Gross Motor Skills & Language

Bilingual Games in Motion

Get up and go in Teacher Norma’s Games in Motion! Play some new games, make some new friends, and learn some new skills, all in a super fun environment. Held in the Brain Forest, this bilingual class will engage your child and help them explore big body movements as well as challenge their minds with inventive games!  Whether it be classics like “Red Light, Green Light”, or a matching game you haven’t encountered before, your family is sure to love their time in Games in Motion!

Music & Gross Motor Skills

Music & Movement

Children learn best when they use their bodies, minds and voice. Join us for a fun-filled music and movement class that will encourage you and your child to delightfully explore learning activities that incorporate music, rhythms, song and fine and gross motor movement.


Music Time

Our music program gives your child a chance to explore new instruments and discover new sounds! Hear new songs and games that are sure to get you moving! Music classes designed for all ages. We hope to see you soon!

Crazy busy Master Builder Class today! T
STEM Skills

Master Builder

Do you have a child that is obsessed with Lego’s? Welcome to the club! Our Master Builder classes are designed for children 2 and up who enjoy building with Lego’s and participating in collaborative play with their peers.  These classes are for families with children that can handle the small parts and responsible play that Lego’s require; parents must stay present with their child during Master Builder classes.

Crazy busy Master Builder Class today! T
STEM Skills

Have No Fear, We're Engineers!

Its tinker time here at Kid Time! Join us for this STEM-based program designed for your little engineer! We’ll be planning, building and testing new ideas each week, and discovering along the way. Themes might include cause and effect, problem solving, and fine motor skills, all while using the power of play to learn! What will you create?

Crazy busy Master Builder Class today! T
STEM Skills

Mega Master Builder

Jumbo LEGO building for jumbo ideas! Kid Time is excited to host “Mega Master Builders”! In this drop in class, we’ll be building with oversized LEGO bricks to make epic pieces of architecture! Bring your best ideas and come join our team of Master Builders, as we set forth to build our dreams…and then maybe knock them over…

Literacy & Language

Bilingual Circle Time

Stories and songs come alive, as we explore each month’s theme with Teacher Norma. Whether it be a tale of pirates, princesses, or monsters, Teacher Norma's Circle Time is sure to excite and spark your child’s inner storytelling skills! 

Flower design in our Preschool Pop Up pr

Preschool Pop Up

 We’ll provide chances to dive into unique art collaborations, sensory bins, and other fun projects that are directly derived from our preschool curriculum, all of which will be held right on the museum floor! It’s a fantastic chance to expose your child to early learning in a way that prepares them for what they might experience at preschool! (All ages welcome to join, but we recommend 2+)  

Bilingual 2.jpg
Art & Language

Bilingual Family Craft Time

It’s craft time! And, what better way to work on a craft, than with your family?  With the help and guidance from Teacher Norma, you’ll work on a unique project that you’re sure to be proud of! 

Designed to engage all members of your family, Family Craft Time is an exciting new program that will bring new creative ideas into your family’s repertoire. Come join us for this adventure in creation!