Prevent Summer 'Brain Drain": Enroll Kids in Summer Camp!

The upcoming summer break that has your kids excited to temporarily shrug off the responsibilities of school may have you, the parent, stressing over what to do with those kids once school lets out. You may be worried about a lack of child care or ways to keep your kids occupied without the structure school provides. But research shows there's yet another concern you should be addressing; It's called "brain drain" or "summer slide" and it refers to the deterioration of skills and knowledge accumulated during the school year.

The research conducted by the RAND Corporation in 2011* focused on kids in grades 1 through 9 and the effect the 3-month summer break had on their math and reading skills. Results showed knowledge and skills lost during the hot months equaled, on average, about one month of school instruction with students from low-income households faring disproportionately worse than their middle- and upper-class peers. Even more disturbing was the finding that the effects of summer "brain drain" may be cumulative, putting lower income students further behind their more well-off classmates as they progress through the remainder of their primary education.

The study's authors concluded that perhaps the best way to combat "brain drain" is with summer learning programs. That's why Kid Time offers a variety of Summer Adventure Camps designed to keep kids active and engaged in the learning process even while outside regular schooling. The camps have names like "Super Hero Training" and "Mind of an Artist" and incorporate everything from the arts and imagination to mind and body challenges, and even the study of various forms of transportation as well as medieval knights and princesses. Each camp is open to kids between the ages of 4 and 8, runs Tuesday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to noon, and costs just $75.

With six Kid Time camps available a child could get close to the six weeks of summer learning the RAND study recommends to effectively prevent "brain drain". Not to mention, the camps would also give your kids a place to be, negating the need for full-time child care, and would almost certainly hold boredom at bay. All of which might make you just as excited at the prospect of summer break as your children are.

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* To read the entire RAND Corp. study click here.

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