Financial Assistance for Kid Time and The Learning Loft Preschool

Because we believe all children should have access to high quality early learning programs and materials we do our best to make our facilities available to those who otherwise might be be able to afford them. That includes access to both the Kid Time Museum and The Learning Loft Preschool, an institution that falls under the Kid Time Children's Museum umbrella. Financial assistance is available for both however, the partnership between the museum and the school, and the fact that the school is located inside the museum, frequently cause confusion about what the different kinds of financial aid cover. While we offer scholarships to both the museum and the school, no single scholarship allows for access to both. Here's a little bit of information about the museum and the preschool and the different kinds of financial help available for each:

Kid Time Children’s Museum

Kid Time Children’s Museum leads to the success and well-being of Southern Oregon children and families by offering a hands-on discovery space that stimulates brain development in young children, provides a fun and educational experience, and promotes positive relationships among families.

If you’re interested in receiving financial assistance for a Kid Time Children’s Museum scholarship please request an application from the museum’s front desk or visit

Kid Time scholarships* are available for families that would like to receive assistance in obtaining a Kid Time membership. Such scholarships offer a discounted rate on a 6-month membership to Kid Time Children’s Museum ONLY.

*This program requires financial verification. Scholarships and financial assistance are limited. Not all who apply will be accepted.

The Learning Loft Preschool at Kid Time

The Learning Loft’s highly trained teachers use a play-based learning approach based on the passions, interests, and individual learning needs of each child. We comfort, engage and challenge each child, stimulating and assessing their growth through the creative process of hands-on making.