Kid Time's Gone Bilingual!

As part of our continuing effort to meet Southern Oregon's unique needs Kid Time is excited to announce we've hired a Spanish-speaking educator! Her name is Norma and she not only assists with The Bus is Us program* but teaches programs and classes in both English and Spanish!

Norma has a long history of working with families and in early learning so she's a great addition to the Kid Time family. You will find her teaching all of the classes listed on our program calendar labeled as bilingual. The classes are designed for kids who speak only Spanish, kids who speak both Spanish and English and kids who speak only English! It's been fun seeing how many Spanish-only and English-only speakers are attending, not only to benefit from class material but to be exposed to a language they don't currently speak.

Calendars (and other materials) are now being produced in both English and Spanish and can be picked up at the front desk. You'll also find the class schedule, and class descriptions, on our website by clicking here. And if you follow us on Facebook you'll find we post the calendar there at the beginning of every month. So, pick a class or five, come welcome Norma, and dip a toe into a new language!

*The Bus is Us is a Kid Time program designed to provide access to our children's museum to kids who otherwise wouldn't have the means or opportunity to take advantage of our services. The bus program works in conjunction with other social service organizations (like OnTrack) and programs (like Preschool Promise) to provide transportation to and from the museum for children and their caregivers.