Kid Time Partners

When you visit Kid time you see happy faces - lots and lots of smiling, laughing, fully-intent-on-playing, joyful faces. What you don't see is what might be going on behind the giddiness. Divorce, drug addiction, abuse, homelessness - all are very real to a good portion of the Kid Time population. But you wouldn't know that because the time that population spends with us is a break from the trauma that may be going on outside the museum's walls.

We are so much more than a children's museum. We provide space to groups like The Rose Circle and WinterSpring to meet. We provide programs to OnTrack clients, who've never parented sober, to learn how to interact with their kids while clean. We provide transportation and classes to bilingual and Spanish-only speaking children who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to learn in a language they understand. We reach out into the community to find populations of under-served people to provide them with the services they richly deserve.

But we don't do it alone.

Over the years we have built and nurtured mutually beneficial relationships with a whole slew of organizations, agencies, and businesses. Some of our partners have clientele who benefit from Kid Time. Some share resources like time and money. Some share their people, like the Rogue Valley Manor residents who play live music for our Sound Painting program. Some literally share space, like the Southern Oregon Historical Society which leases us our building. Many allow us to share our resources, like the Butte Falls Community School Partnership with whom we are working to create a Reggio-inspired curriculum for their preschool, and the Medford School District which is in the process of fleshing out our classroom exhibit to include 549(c) information for parents.

So, the next time you see a Kid Time kid having a ball at the museum, remember all the people and organizations that may be contributing to that child's beautiful, fragile, carefree moment.


Family/Social Services:

Family Nurturing Center (FNC)

Community Works

The Family Connection

Childcare Resource Network

Foster Parents