Kid Time Play and Learn Classes to be Offered Twice Monthly!

You bring your littles to Kid Time for a variety of reasons: so they can burn off energy, indulge their creativity and imagination, and learn about the world around them. We're willing to bet you also like the opportunity to rest a bit while your child engages in imaginative play. But what if we told you you could recreate those opportunities at home while also maximizing your interaction with your wee one? It's possible! And we want to teach you how.

Enter Kid Time's series of Play-n-Learn classes. Starting in November 2017 we'll be holding at least two events a month, at least one of which will fall during regular museum hours. The classes differ from our regular programming in that they provide instructed open-ended play with your kiddo. Our instructors are trained to recognize the needs and interests of group participants so it's not unusual for the curriculum to change mid-class.

Take, for example, a play group we held last summer. The turnout included Natalie, a single mother with two children, who said she seen the event flier at the Department of Human Services and jumped at the chance to introduce her special needs son to other kids. Although the event had been planned around a specific topic, Teacher Connor recognized the boy's special needs and changed the agenda to focus on a topic the child was interested in: building. Connor swapped out the book he’d been planning to read, and amended the talk and group activity he’d been planning to lead for books, discussion, and an activity related to building. The group activity centered on working together to build with Duplo blocks. Participants, including Natalie’s son, built a giant tower so impressive an emotional Natalie snapped a picture. Through her tears, Natalie said the tower was symbolic of the successful relationship her son can have with other children when given the chance. Upon leaving that evening Natalie thanked Connor, left her email address, and said she and her small family are excited to attend the next play group.

Regardless of the curriculum, each class provides two hours of guided activities and crafts designed to assist you in interacting more effectively with your child. Every class will be different, every class will be fun and educational, every class will be free with museum admission, and you are welcome at all of them!

*Starting in November 2017 Play and Learn classes will be included on the monthly calendar of programs at