Don't Pardon Our Mess; Help Us MAKE One!

If you visit the upper floor of Kid Time this week or next you'll notice things are a little different. First, the Brainforest, the wide open space where we hold Super Hero and music classes, is torn apart. We're remodeling! When we reopen that space in mid-February there will be a whole new climbing wall and mural. We are SO excited! So, thanks for being patient with us while we're under construction.

The second thing you'll notice is unusual activity in the Art Room next door to the Brainforest. That's because we're holding Art Fest! The purpose of the event is to explore art in new and unexpected ways that push the very definition to the extreme! Teacher Connor promises experiences like painting with a drill and experimenting with sensory explosions! For two weeks we'll focus on redefining art with new ideas presented every day! We can't wait to create with you!